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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stargazer oil on canvas

Now on Pintrest

Jessica Kronika

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

J Kronika at St. Giles Holiday Art fair

Come see my art: watercolor, oil, pastel, printmaking, photography and installation art

Original, framed and matted drawn and painted works, editioned lithography and etchings

At the St. Giles Family Mass Community presentation of:

The 2012 Holiday Gift & Art Fair

When?: Saturday, Dec. 1st  11am-5pm & Sunday, Dec. 2nd  10am-2pm

Where?: McDonough Hall, 1101 Columbian, Oak Park

At the corner of Greenfield and Columbian

Do your holiday shopping early and purchase handmade art by 18 local artists and goods from 2 Fair Trade organizations -- Harambee and North Central College Alternative Trade Project

 Artist, Jessica Kronika will be available during the show for Pastel portraits and Face painting, stop by the Fly'n Gypsy Arts booth.

**Free admission**

All sales must be cash or check only, please.



 Hope to see you there.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Symbolic Immersion at Expressions Graphics June 2012

Energetic constellation
Etched relief print
Symbolic Immersion: Prints and Installation Art

Jessica Kronika  www.flyngypsyarts.com

Opening Reception:  June 15th, 2012 6-10pm.

Installation open 7-10pm

Exhibit runs through July 6th, 2012

At Expressions Graphics, 29 W. Harrison St.,

Oak Park, IL 60304

Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday, 1-4pm

Installation view, Symbolic Immersion
Columbia College Chicago, May 2009
Evoking a journey of discovery, the artist takes us into a contemporary experience of visiting prehistoric cave and early stone temples during a storytelling. Using cutting edge LED technology in the place of oil burning lamps, the illuminated spaces of Kronika’s installation invite you into the mysteries. Working with mixed media, the artist turns everyday materials into glowing crystalline and substantial spaces. Using printmaking, bookmaking, sculpture and photographic processes, the evolving series of two-dimensional art works and documentation capture the strangely universal yet undecipherable symbols that illuminate the exhibit.
Expansive gesture
Etched relief print
with watercolor

A strong thread of recycling ties the various media to one another, as the printed works play off the stenciled hand motifs of early caves, the plates they are printed from evolve into the silhouettes for the led projections within the installation’s ephemeral and translucent cavern, and delicate brass pendants with patina’s that reflect an ageless sense of the relic.

The photographic works include time exposures of the installation interior as viewed in its various site specific presentations: May 2009 at Columbia College Chicago, May-June 2009 at Fly’n Gypsy Art Studio in Oak Park, May 2010 at Bridgeport Art Center of Chicago, March 2011 at Life Force Arts Center of Chicago, July 2011 RAW Artists Chicago at Evil Olive of Chicago, and September 2011 at Next Wave in Elgin, IL. The artist has printed unique editions of these still photographs as ready to frame original photos, greeting cards and postcards. All formats will be on display at the opening reception.
J. Kronika at Evil Olive Chicago
Lumiere, Raw Artists, July 2011

Supporting materials that allow insight into the artist’s process and inspirations include original and printed sketches, reference images and text, artist drawings, spatial renderings and diagrams, model, and books.  Each format continues the distinctive symbols and incorporates the evolving trail of materials.  This cycling and re-cycling builds layers of meaning and interprets the context of each unique site and exhibit theme to add levels of audience interface.  Prime examples include the book which pairs each symbol as a print with a poem exploring its meaning as a gesture or constellation, the adaptation of the form to highlight its relation to the original temple of Gigantia at Malta for the Electro-Sexual exhibit at the Bridgeport Art Center, and the poem statement which accompanied the installation at Life Force Art Center’s The World of Fairy exhibit.

For more information: J. Kronika 847-722-7032, artist@flyngypsyart.com
OR Expressions Graphics: www.expressionsgraphics.org  708-386-3552

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Making workshop at Expressions Graphics, Oak Park, IL

This Saturday!
Book Making Workshop

With instructor Jessica Kronika

of Fly’n Gypsy Arts

Dates & Times: 1-4pm, March 17th and 24th, 2012.

Location: Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60302.

Cost: $35 per session, discounted rate of $75 for three sessions if paid in full at registration. This class includes some supplies, while other supplies* will be available from instructor for purchase or student can seek out their own.

Overview: This workshop will cover several book binding processes. Demonstrations of glue binding, stitch-binding, and complete building of a book will take place. Students are encouraged to bring a project (pages and embellishments recommended) for completion. Recovering, scrapbook style glue bound book, and stitch-bound traditional book are scheduled. The process of preparing book parts, assembly, weighting and drying your unique book will be covered.

Bring your pages and learn to build a glue bound, tape bound or stitch bound book. Limited supplies will be available onsite to preregistered students. Registration must be complete two weeks prior to class start date. Contact instructor to register and request supply list.

To register, contact instructor Jessica Kronika at 847-722-7032 with your name and contact phone number or email: flyngypsyarts@aol.com

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Protecting your investment in one of a kind art

Protecting your investment

Your investment in an original piece of art makes choosing protection important for several reasons. While your artist or design consultant will take care to work with products such as paint with a long life and drawing materials such as paper of archival quality, the environment often produces hazards to the vibrancy of colors and the durability of certain types of art is dependent upon its care over time. Art can offer lifetime enjoyment and unique inheritance for your heirs if you choose some simple ways to safeguard your art at the time of purchase.  The protection of murals is different from that required for framed work or sculpture. Each type of work is susceptible to individual hazards for which there are specifically designed solutions. Your design consultant will assess the visible hazards at the time of your consultation and ask questions to determine whether other problems are likely to arise over the life of the work.

Hazards to both mural and framed works include fading from exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays via direct sunlight through windows and harsh lighting. This particular hazard generally does not affect sculpture made of certain materials, while other works will be as affected as a drawing or painting. To determine the strength of sun and interior lighting, factors like length of exposure and heat generated will help. The solution for all types of light affected fading involves ultraviolet blocking sealants, glass or plexi-glass.

Kids, pets, food, airborne particulates and moisture all raise the need for ease of cleaning. In the case of art that is directly on a wall or a freestanding sculpture, the solution is a durable, easy to clean sealant applied to the painting after completion. For framed works, glass or plexi-glass provides a washable barrier between the art and the environment. Both glass and plexi-glass can be selected for a variety of additional hazards such as non-glare where lighting is likely to be reflected and ultraviolet-protective where sun is present. Glass is scratch proof and inflexible, with a durable washable surface.  Plexi-glass, while susceptible to some surface scratching, offers additional resistance to shattering in comparison to glass and is ideal for providing safety in spaces where children play.

In spaces like recreation rooms and outdoor applications, damage control is necessary. Sealants come in a variety of densities offering additional durability to minimize dings, scratches and weather related peeling, fading or flaking. The application of painted work to building exteriors also requires certain conditions to prevent premature aging or decay of the art work. For example, outdoor work should be completed during the warmer months of the year, when the wall or substrate is clean and dry. Paint should be allowed to dry fully before a finish is applied and several coats of sealant may be needed. All outdoor applications should be placed on surfaces that are sound, without dryrot in the case of wood, and without pitting, chalking or cracking in the case of painted surfaces, stone, brick and cement. 

Choosing the right protective finish for your project will be a collaborative effort between you and your designer. The designer will use her expertise to suggest the right options based on the clear information you share about your home, business or outdoor space’s ongoing use, traffic, weather conditions, lighting and the people, animals and activities that inhabit it.

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