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Upcoming Classes at Expressions Graphics in Oak Park and the Elk Grove Village Park District

Upcoming Classes with instructor Jessica Kronika

Spring 2012

For more information please contact instructor, Jessica Kronika at: or (847) 722-7032.

For more information about the instructor

Book Making Workshop      Saturdays,  March 17th and 24th, 2012, 1-4pm.

Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304.         $35 plus supplies.  

This workshop will cover several book binding processes. Demonstrations of scrapbook style glue binding, traditional stitch-binding, and complete building of a book will take place during the first class. The process of preparing book parts, assembly, weighting and drying your unique book will be covered. Students should bring a project. Bring your pages and learn to build a glue-bound or stitch bound book. Please contact instructor if you would like to purchase materials in class, as they will need to be ordered prior to first class. Registration must be complete two weeks prior to class start date. Contact instructor to register and request supply list, or (847) 722-7032. Deadline for registration is March 2nd, 2012.

Digital Printmaking Workshop           Saturday, April 7th, 2012 1-4pm
                                                                & Friday, April 13rd, 2012 2-4pm
Class size: Limited to six students.   
Cost: $55 plus print cost ($25-30)

Location: Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304.
The class will explore interactions of technology and hand work. We will work on a digital print using saved photos or scanned art. Using a stylus and tablet we will add line work to the image in Photoshop and adjust aspects of the digital file. Computer, stylus and tablet provided. File formats include jpeg, bitmap and psd. Bring a USB drive with your digital photo, scanned art, or background.  Finished prints will be available for pick up the following week. Registration must be complete two weeks prior to class start date. No supplies required. Contact instructor to register, or (847) 722-7032. Deadline for registration is March 23rd, 2012.  

Adult Plein Aire in Pastel at the Elk Grove Parks           

Saturdays, 1-4pm, April and May 2012

Cost: $114R/$137NR Fee: R=Resident/NR=Nonresident             Barcode: 78684

Students will explore capturing the natural landscape on site. The class will begin with studies and progress to complete works on site. Several styles of rendering the landscape will be explored including realist, impressionist, abstract and simplified. Projects include an introduction to tools and supplies, studies using additive and subtractive methods, composing the space and documenting the subject, using mediums for liquid blending techniques, selecting color harmonies, and a final project using the style of your choice. Students will be encouraged to find their preferences and develop their signature style. A complete list of class sites will be distributed after registration. In the case of inclement weather, class will meet in the Pavilion Art Room. Supply list available at the Pavilion Front Desk or online at Participants can register online ( or by stopping by the Pavilion (1000 Wellington Ave.). Resident registration begins March 5th and non-resident registration begins March 19th. Registration deadline is April 11, 2012.


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