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New Printmaking class at Expressions Graphics Oak Park

Relief & Intaglio Mixed Process Etching
With instructor Jessica Kronika of Fly’n Gypsy Arts
Location: Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St, Oak Park, IL 60304

Dates & Times: Fridays 2-5pm (9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2); or 6-9pm (9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/25, 12/2, 12/9) Please register for your preferred time, sessions will be scheduled based on registration. Evening class will run into December due to third Friday gallery openings occurring on 9/16, 10/21, and 11/18.

Class size: minimum 3 to maximum 10.
Cost: $25 per session ($250 for 10 sessions); special discounted season session rate available $225 paid in full at registration. Some supplies will be provided. Deposit required with registration: $150.

Overview: Students will learn the step by step process for creating unique and editioned prints with both relief embossment and intaglio surface effects. Demonstrations of resist techniques for relief etching, various intaglio effects for texturing relief etched plates and printing of editioned and unique monoprints will occur throughout the course.

Instructor bio:
“My teaching style encompasses all ranges of experience and aims to encourage creative thinking and experimentation with processes and materials.” -J. Kronika aka Fly’n Gypsy Arts
Mixed media artist Jessica Kronika trained in printmaking at Columbia College Chicago, under Friedhart Kiekieben and through an internship under David Jones and Chris Flynn at Anchor Graphics. She holds a Bachelor of Fine art, with a specialty in printmaking and installation from Columbia College Chicago. In addition, Kronika has an Associates of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Kankakee Community College, where she studied under Jane Haley, Linda Powles and Jean Janssen and advanced coursework in painting under Javier Chavira and sculpture under Micheal Hart, while attending Governors State University. Kronika has taught courses in mixed media, printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture through the Bourbonnais and Bradley Park Districts, Bubotto Centre for the Arts (formerly of West Dundee), and Fly’n Gypsy Art Studios of Algonquin, Bourbonnais and Kankakee since 1996.

For more information and to register please contact instructor, Jessica Kronika at or (847) 722-7032. Or contact Expressions Graphics at: (708)356-3552, &


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