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Choosing the type and placement of art for your home or business

Choosing the type and placement of art for your home or business

                Art is a personal preference, and the selection of art for your home or business allows for a variety of options. The best way to judge whether you will be happy with the art in the long run is to think about its lifetime appeal. The best fit for you will be art that integrates your favorite colors, style, subjects and pairs well with your existing or planned décor. The type of custom art that you select must also match your planned use of the space. If you are in a leased home, moveable art will be able to come with you, while murals remain integral to the space. If you are preparing a home for sale and designing art to increase the value of your space, murals may be ideal so long as the themes and colors are adaptable to another owner’s interior décor scheme. If you are selecting art for your place of business, the clientele will also be important in determining style and color schematics. For example, in a restaurant you may want to expand close spaces with trompe d’oeil and murals, with an accent wall faux finish to integrate the color scheme.

                The specific details of the art are second to the type, flat moveable or mural, relief or sculptural. After you have decided on the space you want to enhance with art, you can begin to decide about size, color, style, and subject. If the space is a focal wall, you may want to select specific narrative images that encourage the eye to linger or captivate incoming visitors. If the wall is an accent, abstraction and pattern may be a better fit, allowing viewers to be aware of color and movement without focusing too much on a smaller wall. These choices allow for a range of ways of integrating the art with interior design schemes. Just as you choose the wall color, your upholstery and decorator items, custom art allows you to express yourself in the details. Your own preferences will lead you to particular colors, patterns, surface textures, and finishes in a room. These are the very tools you and your design consultant will use to create one of a kind art for your room. The art can also help to integrate odd or disparate motifs, accent colors, unique art and decorator objects that otherwise stand out of a cohesive design scheme. By enhancing the visible custom art encourages visitors to see your design choices and you feel comfortable and enriched in your home or business space. Your design consultant will note the color, pattern and style of your carpet, walls, upholstery, furniture, accents, mementos, and art objects at the start of your consultation. All works created will pair well with the existing or planned elements of the room.

                When choosing your art and placement, you will have assistance from your consultant in deciding what kind of atmosphere you want to create with your custom art. In this way, the various types of custom art can be used to create a sense of visual expansion in odd or rooms with smaller dimensions. For spaces where a lot of time will be spent for rest and relaxation or where people may wait the art should create visual dwelling places via murals or flat art works. Entries and hallways can be enhanced by eye catching insets, trompe d’oeils and accent faux finishes.

 In places of business, art can be a business tool. Choosing art for your business can increase your brand visibility by integrating core ideas into the design. Your mission or product placement can be enhanced through creating ambiance and environments that foster purchaser or client comfort. By defining your business as a space of luxury and refinement, custom art can create additional business loyalty and add clientele to your bottom line. People talk about the spaces where they did business more, if they make a visual impact. Art can be that visual impact while customers wait, diners eat, or business is conducted, creating reasons for customer loyalty, increased and repeat interest. Encouraging cultural awareness via participation in local arts is another valuable business tool. By installing art in your place of business, you encourage the visibility of your business in the larger cultural sphere of your community, as well as creating another reason for customers to prefer you over your competitors in the marketplace. The business as art patron is a highly visible and socially preferred context to the business that takes little interest in local affairs. In addition, art is a valuable and trade able commodity. Murals, faux finishes and trompe d’oeil add value to the location’s space, should you decide to move to another location. Moveable art can be auctioned or resold.

The art you choose for your home or business is a lifetime investment. One of a kind art adds beauty to your space that reflects your personal and business choices. Custom art has the capacity for lifetime enjoyment as it is created to suit these preferences. Whether you are seeking your first original art or an experienced collector, custom art is ideal for homes and businesses because it adds value. The choices allow you to select not only color, pattern, finish and subject, but also to select the type of work that will fit your plan for your space. When you select a permanent work you are adding value to the space, when you select an impermanent or moveable work you gain an investment with resale value in itself. Either way you enrich the daily and lifetime enjoyment of your home and work space in a way that is personal. Inquire today to contact our design consultant for your own in home or business assessment.
                                                 Trompe D'oeil of vines and columns
                                                 Lucia's Restaurant, Chicago, IL
                                                Commission with murals, completed 2004.


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